Sunday, November 26, 2006


It could very well be that I am (yet again) drastically behind the times, but I accidently stumbled upon an album today that makes me wish I hadn't already completed my "Ten Best" list, because this should have definitely been on there.

The album is called "the electricity in your house wants to sing" by a group called "i am robot and proud". The "group" is actually one guy from Toronto named Shaw Han-Liem, and he makes some of the most interesting, delicate and original pop electronic music I've heard in a while. My first listen to the album reminded me of the first time I ever put on Boards of Canada's "Music Has The Right To Children"; though the style is quite different, it gives me the same warm and fuzzy feeling, like I'm a little kid walking home from school on a sunny day. It's been a pretty lousy weekend, and this was just the album I needed....

Here's a live performance clip from YouTube--


Anonymous said...

Nice site. A big warm welcome to the bloggerworld.

jay said...

Thanks jds!