Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well, it had to happen...the first few tracks from the new Animal Collective album, "Strawberry Jam", have leaked onto the webernet.

For all of you "pure of spirit" types, the album will be out this fall. For you curious little sinners, here's a link to three of album tracks, "Peacebone", "Chores" and "Unsolved Mysteries".


(just change the "xx"'s to "tt"'s. "titties" **giggle**)


jay said...

Nobody? Huh...thought these would elicit more of a response. Although I'm a bit disappointed by "Unsolved Mysteries", "Peacebone" is quickly becoming one of my favorite Animal Collective tracks.

the le duo said...

ok i just started the 'ol download. dont know much about a.c- have the album sung tongs & love it-

jaimi lynn said you guys may be in the op area tomorrow night- wanna go see oak & snake with me at radio bean?

jay said...

I made plans with my buddy Travis to have a night of shooting handguns & drinking whiskey (not necessarily in that order) but it's also his dad's birthday so our plans may fall through. If so, I will be at the show for sure--I would love to see Oak before they start their tour and get all famous and never play here again!