Monday, August 04, 2008


I haven't been updating the playlists for my radio show very often lately, so here are the last seven shows.

EPISODE 15: 05/24/08

Sea of Bones, "Chapter Four" (from "The Harvest")
Atrax Morgue, "Evisceration" (from "Sickness Report")
Damaar, "Ode To Blasphemhy" (from "Triumph Through Spears of Sacrifice")
Faryus, "Lucid Dream" (from "Lucid Dreams")
Sachiko, "Dmu-Dbud Kam-Po So-Zan" (from "Kunado")
Monos, "Moon Environment" (from "Nightfall Sunshine")

EPISODE 16: 05/31/08

Ascend, "Ample Fire Within" (from "Ample Fire Within")
SPK, "Kaltbruchig Acideath" (from "Information Overload Unit")
Terje Isungset, "Contemplation" (from "Ice Concerts")
Robedoor & Pocahaunted, "Spectral Outpost" (from "Hunted Gathering")
Stefano Pilia, "Untitled" (from "The Suncrows Fall And Tree")
Lustmord, "Dark Companion" (from "The Place Where the Black Stars Hang")

EPISODE 17: 06/07/08

Grails, "Clean Living" (from "Take Refuge in Clean Living")
Stravm Terror, "Human Afflictions" (from "Pariah Demise")
Markus Guentner, "Chrom" (from "Regensburg Remix")
Cloama, "Tuhkajumala" (from "Neuroscan Organization")
Oren Ambarchi, "Highway of Diamonds" (from "Destinationless Desire")
Blacksand, "U1195" (from "Barn")
Slow Listener, "Polarity Magnetics" (from "Snow Falling From a Blue Clear Sky")

EPISODE 18: 06/14/08

Pentemple, "Pazuzu II" (from "Presents")
The Body, "Final Words" (from "The Body")
Nadja, "Sandskin" (from "Bodycage")
Martin Hannett, "Lift Recording I & II" (from "Martin Hannett Personal Mixes")
Sujo, "Observer" (from "Sujo")

EPISODE 19: 06/21/08

David Jackman, "Edge of Nothing", "Povera 1", "Povera 2" (from "Compilation")
David Jackman, "Untitled A", "Untitled B" (from "Eisen")
David Jackman, "Ember Hollow", "Dawn Plaza" (from "Ember Hollow/Dawn Plaza")
David Jackman, "Flag of Surrender", "Fracture" (from "Flag of Surrender")
David Jackman, "Flak", "Wietzendorf" (from "Flak")
David Jackman, "Laus A", "Laus B", (from "Laus)
David Jackman, "Machine Gun (A)", "Machine Gun (B)" (from "Machine Guns")

EPISODE 20: 07/19/08

Brian Eno, "The Secret Place" (from "Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks")
Lustmord, "Of Eons" (from "Other")
NON, "The Underground Stream" (from "Children of the Black Sun")
Mort Art, "Sewage Dreams" (from "Green Death")
The Caretaker, "On the Edge of Breakdown" (from "A Stairway to the Stars")
Wolfskin feat. Objekt4, "Bleeding Suns" (from "The Hidden Fortress: A Revisitation")
Nordvargr, "Stripped Of All But My Loyalty I Serve" (from "Pyrrhula")
Mrtyu, "Pyre" (from "Blood Tantra")
Koeff, "I Can Hear You" (from "Performance Anthology")
Ophir, "Ar-Si-Za 5" (from "Eiserne Ernte: Werkschau II")
Black Seas of Infinity, "Porta Vox Umbra" (from "AMRITA - The Quintessence")
Northaunt, "Lost Days" (from "Barren Land")
Zdzis Beks, "Namtilliak" (from "Sub Figura")
Deathprod, "Nebulizer" (from "6-Track")
Dead City Rituals, "III" (from "I-VI")
David Lynch & Jocelyn Montgomery, "Battle and Aftermath" (from "Lux Vivens")
Jeff Greinke, "Crevice" (from "Cities in Fog")

EPISODE 21: 07/26/08

Nanohex, "Alpha Decay" (from "Compilation")
Propergol, "La Vie en Rose" (from "Renegade")
The Skull Defekts, "Drone Drug" (from "Drone Drug")
Black Seas of Infinity, "Bornless, I Have Become" (from "The Wordless Aeon...")
Lawrence English, "Lone By Power Station" (from "Kiri No Oto")
AEP, "II" (from "Noir Voyage Ostrue de Rencontres Difformes")

EPISODE 22: 08/02/08

P.Children, "Altercation" (from "P.Children 4")
Ahtapkhea, "Kohbon Clopepa" (from "Basa 211")
Odal, "W.Tax Is Not a Psychokiller" (from "Against Humanity")
Whitehouse, "Boston Strangler" (from "Psychopathia Sexualis")
Ramleh, "Prossneck" (from "The Hand of Glory")
Illusion of Safety, "Theme from Belfast Street Riot" (from "In 70 Countries")
Subhuman, "Untitled" (from "Untitled II")
Droin, "Marching East" (from "Time to Reconsider")
Hunok, "End of the Great Migration" (from "Gesta Hungarorum")
Musterion, "Tannhauser Gate" (from "The Black Lodge")
Symbiosis, "The Coldness Inside" (from "Passages")
Necrophorous, "Lost Land Part 2" (from "Drifting in Motion")


gd said...

how is lawrence's new cd?
he's a good buddy of mine and runs a great label, room40.
im really glad and happy that touch decided to put out some of his music. he's been working really really hard at it for awhile now. great dude.

jay said...

I really like it. Does he do live shows? Any chance you could get him to play in town?