Monday, December 03, 2007


It's winter time again, so I'm putting aside the 6-packs (who am I kidding...12-packs) and reaching for the wine rack these days. While 2004 was all about Oregon Pinot Noirs, 2005 Garnachas & Malbecs and 2006 was Owen Roe Rhone blends, 2007 is all about the Monastrell for yours truly.

A Spanish pseudonym for the French Mourvedre, this year's crop of Monastrell is amazingly complex and fruity, ready to drink now & probably amazing in a couple years time. And since they are only just being discovered, you can get a really good bottle on the cheap--anywhere from $7-$12.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Vinos Sin Ley's "G Series"

Vinos Sin Ley has produced five grades of Monastrell this year, from the economy G1 (at $7.99, still an amazing bottle of wine) up to the G5 premium ($12.99). I have only been able to find G1-G3, and the latter was one of my favorite bottles of the year. Look for them at Healthy Living Market.


I had this one the other night while having dinner at my friend Travis' house. A great Monastrell, easily on par with the G3. Paired with venison tenderloins in a pecan rub with hand-cut sweet potato fries, it was like angels were having sex in mouth. Yes, that's a good thing.


A bit more acidic and tannin-heavy straight out of the bottle, I suggest decanting and letting it breathe for at least an hour. The wait is well worth it--bold fruits, with a nice berry aftertaste.

Trust me--stock up these now. It's only a matter of months before there's a glowing review in USA Today (or a pretentious movie staring Paul Giamatti) and the market gets flooded with overpriced, poor quality Monastrell and the good bottles go for $20+ plus.


Casey said...

Mmm — more wine reviews!

jay said...

Well, I usually don't like to advertise my alcoholism (considering my protruding gut does that enough), but I might make the wine reviews a monthly thing. This is really an art and culture blog, and good food and wine are really a part of both.

Maybe I can do a wine review & food pairing, with accompanying recipe?

jay said...

Even better--wine, food & recommended album to listen to while you are enjoying them!

Hell, that's a whole new blog idea in itself :)

josh said...

I don't need to be reading this! What's hilarious is that on the dog/crotch/this is not a good angle You Tube clip, the "related video" is UB40's "Red, Red Wine." My life has truly come full circle.

Tanner M. said...

should do a wine, dinner, crotch pairing.

a nice, merlot, 1995 / roasted chicken and mixed veggies / the lap of the homewares manager at the pottery barn.