Friday, February 01, 2008


Earlier this week I was in Charlotte, NC for a business trip. While in the office, one of my co-workers handed me a thin, hardcover children's book and began to tell me a story about its history.

Apparently my co-worker's son is a big fan of dinosaurs and wants to become a paleontologist when he grows up. Their fundamentalist Christian neighbor found out about this and gave my co-workers son this book:

It seemed like a pretty thoughtful gift for a budding young scientific mind. At least that's what my co-worker thought until he opened the book....

Part of the "Wonders of Creation" book series, "The Fossil Book" is a Creationist explanation of where dinosaur fossils come from. While it might seem damn well impossible to reconcile dinosaur fossils with the idea that all life started 5,000 years ago, this book tries to take the biggest leap of reason I've ever seen to do it.

Check out this chart (click to enlarge):

Wow. You'd think the sane way for Christians to deal with the dinosaur issue would be to simply say that the Creation theory was developed at a primitive time in human history, and that God created Evolution which we're only now finding out about. It's at least believable, reinforces the idea of an all-knowing creator, doesn't go against the major tenets of the faith and (most importantly) doesn't make the religion look like a bunch of moronic hillbillies who can't see reality.

Conveniently, there is no mention of that pesky "carbon dating" thing in the book....

Oh, and I saved my favorite picture for last....a man feeding hay to a baby brachiosaurus!

I laugh to keep from crying. Remember, there are enough braindead Jesus Freaks out there to elect a president who actually believes in this crap. This country is absolutely screwed.

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the le duo said...

your grandpa might have fed a dinosaur, but my great great great great great retarded uncle skippy stump fucked one! they're much smaller than scientists would lead us to believe, and much more pliable.