Friday, April 18, 2008


In a fit of boredom this evening, I decided to perform the most pathetically insecure & post-modern of narcissistic acts: I Googled my own name.

Ok, so maybe this isn't the first time I've done this...and every time, I get a page full of Jay Blanchard, Senator of Arizona (like I couldn't do that job...) and some geek who apparently posts a lot on a site called "evolt". Oh yeah,and just recently, I've even been upstaged by a registered sex offender in Florida who shares my date de naissance...

(Do I sense a family resemblance....? No I do not.)

So, I plead with you....

I'm not that bad of a guy. Sure, I'm a pretty lousy DJ and piss-poor blogger. But I'm certainly not a sex offender, or worse, an Arizona politician ((shudder)). So help me Google bomb my name into the Google top ten. Just post a comment that includes my name. Jay Blanchard. Jay Blanchard. Musician, gentleman, scholar, non-sexual offender, anti-politician Jay Blanchard.

We shall prevail. :)

(EDIT: Just realized after posting that, with the help of my sketchy, potentially currently-incarcerated Florida name-brother, I've now forever solidly linked the terms "jay blanchard" and "sex offender" on the internet. stupid....)


Casey said...

On it. But do you want me to leave off the "likes little boys" part after your name?

jds said...

"jay blanchard" in vermont is not "jay blanchard" the "sex offender"

Tanner M. said...

"jay blanchard" love me long time.

jay said...

Lovely. Now when you type in "Jay Blanchard Sex Offender" in Google, the top two listings are for this post, ahead of even the guy in Florida.

And, yes, I'm quite aware that the previous sentence did nothing to help my cause.

Flatlander said...

"Jay Blanchard"

"Jay Blacnhard"

"Jay Blachnard"

"Jay Blanchadr"

"Jay Balnchard"

"J. Blanchard"

Just trying to get some simple typos into the search engine too.