Thursday, November 29, 2007


Apparently that's what his former landlord is calling him, in an attempt to prevent Buk's former LA home from being declared a city landmark. Uncouth drunkard? Certainly. Wife beater? Quite probably. Great writer of prose and poetry? Definitely. National Socialist? I highly fucking doubt it.

While I have read a few Bukowski quotes that came close to anti-Semitic, they always seemed to be presented as nothing more than just tasteless jokes a la Don Rickles or simply attempts to provoke some negative attention based on his German heritage. If he had to be classified politically, I'd say Bukowski was a hell of a lot closer to a nihilist than a Nazi.

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the le duo said...

i dont know if he was a nazi, but he has got to be the ugliest motherfucker i've ever seen

josh said...

And this from someone who spent a good portion of his life in Alburg, so he's kind of an expert on the topic.

the le duo said...

touche, josh...touche. but before you go bashing my hometown, remember these three things.

1. its spelled alburgh now. get with the times
2. the ugliest people in the world come from rouses point, ny...the mustache capital of the world. and
3. you're from richford

josh said...

Alburgh, huh? Fancy! Actually, I was referring to the prevalent Nazi population up that way, but now that you mention it, there are quite a few ugly people there, too.

I always thought Peru, NY was the mustache capital of the world. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

As far as the whole Richford, yeah, I'm pretty much defenseless on that one.

the le duo said...

and a lot of drunken poets...