Sunday, November 04, 2007


Just finished typing up my post for my top 15 new releases of 2007, with a special section for reissues and some late 2006 releases that didn't make last year's list. Should I post it now to beat the rush of "end-of-year" postings in December, or should I wait?

In other news, thanks to all who have given feedback on the Solah release. It's nice to get back to writing, playing & performing again, and it's great to do it in a community full of great musicians and knowledgeable music lovers.

As for other's people's music, I saw Oak, Missy Bly & The Cush at the Monkey House on Thursday night. It was my first time seeing either of the latter two (I know...shame on me) and they were both great. And Oak was brilliant as usual, with a gorgeous soft acoustic intro leading into harsh noise (in a good way) and closing out with some amazing full-group percussion.

Made a trip to Pure Pop today and picked up some great new vinyl--Karen Dalton's "In My Own Time", Leonard Cohen's "Songs of Leonard Cohen", Animal Collective's "Strawberry Jam" and (an album I've been looking for on wax forever) Lou Reed's "Transformer". Looks like I have a nice relaxing evening of drinking tea, cleaning the house & listening to records ahead of me. Oh yeah, and watching free movies online from Netflix---I upgraded to OS X Panther and installed Windows XP on my MacBook. I'll be watching "Lilya 4-Ever" tonight.


gd said...

come to the show at kriya tonight!

horseback, mike tamburo, snake in the garden.

bring your tea....

josh said...

Where's that 2007 list? Not sure if Tanner's mentioned it, but I'd really like to get the three of us together for drinks and a long overdue music discussion. Perhaps I'll even be a little more coherent/less like a little girl than I was at the Grizz/Beach House show. "I, like, totally just talked to that guy from Grizzly Bear! Do you love Beaches and Canyons? Where am I?" Great first impression, no doubt.

Flatlander said...

I vote for you posting it now so I can copy it when I fail to get around to doing mine.

jay said...

Sounds like the votes are for now...let me polish up the list & I'll post it this weekend.

Josh--sorry I missed hanging out with you guys this past weekend! I had a nasty cold & ended up sleeping away most of my few precious days off. It was really good to meet you at the Grizzly/B.H. show & I'm looking forward to having a good session of drinking & music discussion!