Sunday, January 13, 2008

Amocoma - Go To Hell

San Francisco ambient black metal, available only on a damn near impossible to find CD-R. One of the creepiest albums I've ever listened to.

Moss - Cthonic Rites

Brutal doom; reminds me a lot of Grimrobe-era Sunn O))), when they kept things simple and heavy as a November fog.
Download Via Megaupload

Nordvargr - Awaken

Heavy, compressive ambient, like a thunderstorm locked inside of a silo. Turn up the bass loud and feel your bones turn to gelatin.

Wold - Screech Owl

Harsh noise meets black metal....and then rips your face off. Don't let the children's book cover art fool you--this is the soundtrack to Hell.
Download via Rapidshare


The third installment of Stephen O'Malley's side project (well, one of them...). The whole album clocks in at under 18 minutes, but it's a beautiful 18 minutes.
Download PW=bloodistruth

Gnaw Their Tongues - ...Spasming and Howling, Bowels Loosening and Bladders Emptying, Vomiting Helplessly....

Heavy ambient, not even close to as disturbing as the album title implies.

Spektr - The Near-Death Experience

It's like being executed in an electric chair while listening to ambient metal on an iPod. I'm usually turned off by screechy, high-treble music but this album is interesting enough that I can look past it.

Elegi - Sistereis

It's like the Unicorn Chaser album after all the aforementioned brutality. Soft, haunting compositions of minimalist droning strings. Gorgeous music for a road trip.

(NOTE: The albums available for download were uploaded by other websites. Please do not e-mail me asking me to re-up albums, because the only albums I upload are Solah and other local bands)


Chris said...

A very nice list Jay, and you've included a few of my current favorites. Gnaw...'s album in particular ranked high on my list of favorite 2007 releases.
Have you gotten a chance to listen to KTL's new LP only live release?

snik said...

wold was a beautiful record, thanks.

amocoma isn't too hard to find. you can get it for like $11 @ aquarius records