Sunday, January 27, 2008


Thanks to everyone who tuned in to 105.9 The Radiator last night at 7pm to listen to the first installment of Spitting Out Teeth Radio. Below is a link to download all of the songs that were played on last night's show. Here's the setlist:

1) Sunn O))) & Boris, "Etna" (from Altar)
2) Skullflower, "Can You Feel It?" (from IIIrd Gatekeeper)
3) Disembowelment, "Excoriate" (from Transcendence Into the Peripheral)
4) Deathspell Omega, "Sola Fide I" (from Si Monumentum Requiris Circumspice)
5) Wolves In the Throne Room, "Vastness & Sorrow" (from Two Hunters)
6) Mayhem, "Freezing Moon" (from De Mysteriis De Sathanas)
7) Death Ambient, "Demon Within" (from Synaesthesia)
8) Bohren & Der Club of Gore, "Midnight Black Earth" (from Black Earth)

If you heard something you really liked, go buy the album!

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Casey said...

Bohren!!!! Nice!!!!