Tuesday, January 16, 2007


This album has grown on me more than any other release of 2006. It just has a perfect blend of gentle harmonies, thick, warm ambience and just enough sonic experimentation to make it interesting but not pretentious. Great album.


casey said...

Is it better than the last one?

I didn't think their debut was worth all the hype. I love this cover art on this one, though. Perhaps I'll track down a copy on your reccommendation.

jay said...

It's a completely different album then their debut. I agree that the first one was overhyped, but it's justified for this album.

casey said...

Got it. Like it.

Tmoore said...

it is a very good album. indeed.

greg davis said...

need to check this one out.
interesting move by warp records, seems to have worked out though.

their first album was awful.

been really turned off by their insistent self promotion on myspace & general vibe. its ridiculous.