Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I received an e-mail from Burlington's master experimental musician Greg Davis today, and it looks like he has a new musical project & an upcoming local performance.

"Sun Circle" is a collaboration with Zach Wallace, and they are starting an east coast tour with a show at the Green Door (10 Howard St. Burlington) on Saturday, February 10th at 8:00 PM. Also on the bill is Wind-Up Bird (Joseph Grimm). Here's the press release:

SUN CIRCLE is a new musical offering from Greg Davis and Zach
Wallace. Psychoacoustic minimalism meets psychedelic maximalism.
Ecstatic high volume drones, long form trance musics and peace
noise. Bowed strings, voices, organs, percussion and world
instruments. Greg Davis lives in Burlington, Vermont. He has played
shows all over the world with many different people and has released
solo and collaborative albums on many different labels, including
Carpark records and Kranky.
Zach Wallace lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He plays with Memorize the
Sky, His Name is Alive and Psalm Alarm, and has played with people
ranging from Tony Conrad to Anthony Braxton.
New SUN CIRCLE cdr out now on Lichen Records.

THE WIND UP BIRD, Providence, RI: Interior stillness, deep listening,
aural hallucinations; prayer surrogate in sound. Drawing inspiration
from 60's composers like Terry Riley and Gyorgy Ligeti, Joseph Grimm
is an emerging composer and performer whose works straddle the line
between electroacoustic new music composition and underground
experimental noise. Working under the name The Wind-Up Bird, Grimm's
music often explores polyrhythm by juxtaposing many simultaneous
tempos and periodicities. Oceanic, subliminal drones vibrate below
clouds of warm digital pinpricks. Using delay networks, distortions,
and other modulations, Grimm performs gradual but drastic
transformations of input from live sound sources, emphasizing real-
time creation, metamorphosis, and improvisation. His work is often
realized with the aid of custom software programmed in the max| msp
environment. He has used violin, pedal steel guitar, horns, marimba,
and other instruments; but recent work uses only the singing voice as
a sound source for hallucinogenic, surround-sound drone improvisations.

It's an all-ages show and only five bucks. Judging from Greg's last Burlington show (when he opened for Avey Tare and Kria Brekkan @ Firehouse) it should be worth every penny. See you there for some droney goodness!

Oh yeah, here's the tour dates:

SUN CIRCLE & WIND-UP BIRD winter east coast tour:
2.09.07 - casa del popolo - montreal QC - with dead bush
2.10.07 - green door studio - burlington VT
2.11.07 - the sound post - portland ME
2.12.07 - as220 - providence RI - with northern cross
2.13.07 - ark (17 edinboro st) - boston MA - with red horse
2.14.07 - fort sunshine - new haven CT - with landing
2.15.07 - tonic - new york NY
2.16.07 - floristree - baltimore MD - with these are powers
2.17.07 - circle of hope - philadelphia PA - with ramona cordova
2.18.07 - house show (26 commerce) - beacon NY
2.19.07 - smog - bard college


the le duo said...

greendoor studio is a great place to see a show! greg is awesome

powers said...

thanks for mentioning all these shows. we're playing with greg in baltimore. looking forward to it!

these are powers

greg davis said...

expect some gongs!

also, this will be my first tour where i wont be using a computer at all for the live sets. ive been wanting to do this for a long time and now is the time to give it a shot. exciting and scary and freeing.

really looking forward to it.
thanks for the mention here.

jay said...

100% Organic Analogue Greg Davis....looking forward to it!