Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I made a pilgrimage to PurePop last night to buy things to make me happy. I purchased a few new albums--

Animal Collective, "People" (EP)

I loves me the Animal Collective I does. And while this album certainly isn't a disappointment, I have to admit I was hoping for more. Okay, fine, it's just an EP. But the tracks just seem kind of lazy and not too much of an advancement from the sound on "Feels". Animal Collective could be called a lot of things, but complacent is not one of them. But that's kind of how I feel on this one. "Tikwid" is a good song and definitely the standout here, but it still could have been much more. If you're an AC fan, "People" is worth buying. I certainly wouldn't recommend it as an intro to the group though--they're much better than this.

Arbouretum, "Rites of Uncovering"

I'd never even heard of this band before, but it was in one of the listening booths so I gave it a shot. It sounded like a mix between Will Oldham, Jim Morrison and the Moody Blues. This is usually not a formula for musical success in my mind, but here it works. A very simple, subtle, moody & atmospheric album. Highly recommended.

Mum, "The Peel Sessions"

I haven't had a chance to listen to this one yet, but I'll give a review when I do.

The Knife, "Silent Shout"

I've been playing a burned copy of this for a couple months now & decided that I should buy it to salvage my conscience. If you haven't heard this album yet, I recommend it--very dark and moody, but also fun & danceable. It even makes me want to do my White Guy Overbite dance--

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Tmoore said...

ahahaha, white guy overbite... i have that one down. around these parts it's called "The Tanner Dance" and it only comes out at the end of the night when i can't see straight.

Silent Shout is on regular rotation along w/ Depeche Mode Various. work well together.

I gotta listen to Arboretum... sounds like my kind of music.