Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I'm a big fan of the Keefster, and after reading Victor Bockris' excellent biography, I'm pretty psyched for this to come out. Despite his reputation, Richards is actually a very eloquent, talented & down-to-earth guy. With a lot of really crazy stories to tell, I'm sure.


casey said...

And they only paid him, like, 9 million to do it!

I know the "unreliable narrator" is a popular fiction device, but will it work here? I mean, how much does Keef even remember?

Have you read The Dark Stuff, by Nick Kent? You need to; there's a great KR chapter. When's your birthday?

jay said...

C'mon, he only got paid $4.7's not like he's doing it for the money! :)

Amazingly, Keith probably has the 2nd best memory of any of the Stones (Bill Wyman being the obvious #1). While the man certainly could "party like a rock star" (and he was probably the inspiration for this phrase) he's actually comes off as very lucid and shyly intelligent in most interviews, and he's supposedly a great family man and is really close with his kids.

Compare this to Jagger, who had to quit his attempt at an autobiography because he couldn't remember anything & has had more family issues than Bing Crosby.

BTW, the Kent book sounds amazing. And to answer your question, my birthday is in less than three weeks! (August 21st) :)