Wednesday, August 15, 2007


It's a bit dated, but I'm a little late coming to the doom drone's a nice article (albeit with an extremely poor title) in the New York Times about Sunn O))), Boris & the rest of the Southern Lord Records gang:


And if you haven't listened to Sunn O))) yet, do yourself a favor and pick up one of their albums. They've completed altered my perception of what metal (a genre I was never much interested in before) could be and turned me on to some other great groups such as Earth, Electric Wizard and Boris.


Herb said...

Heady Metal. Jesus.

casey said...

Welcome to the Dark Side, my brother.

jay said...

I initially started appreciating Sunn o))) as an experimental drone band (they remind me a bit of Tony Conrad if he were a basshead), but the metal elements have been appealing to me more and more.

It probably doesn't hurt that I started on my Sunn o))) phase around the same time as my psych/stoner rock phase (Mammatus, Witch, etc.), which carries some metal elements as well.

I've started listening to Earth, Pelican, Red Sparowes (who are more post-rock than metal, but still really dig them), Nadja, etc. as well. Any recommendations for bands that have a similar sound or are on the more avant-garde side of heavy music? said...

Sounds like you're already listening to the best of the bunch.

I really love Nadja and Boris. Pelican, I think are boring and a bit contrived. If you wanna get really weird, check out Kayo Dot. They're all over the goddamn place, but in a good creepy drone way, not in a Mr. Bungle wank way.

casey said...

Oops — wrong account. Weird.