Sunday, March 16, 2008

SOT RADIO SHOW - 3.15.08

Burning Witch, "Sacred Predictions" (from the album "Crippled Lucifer")
Akitsa, "Haine et Vengeance" (from the album "Goetie")
Avsolutized, "My Veins Are Open" (from the album "Den Svarta Vendans Genealogi")
I Shalt Become, "In The Falling Snow" (from the album "In The Falling Snow"
Nekrasov, "Freedom From Self Joy" (from the album "Into the No-Mans Sphere of Ancient Days")
Kammarheit, "The Poignant" (from the album "Asleep and Well Hidden")
Half Makeshift, "The First and Second Passing" (from the album "Final")


blend77 said...

hey nice stuff. You have a great blog here. I used to live in Burlington myself. I miss that place quite a bit sometimes.

If ya dont mind I am going to add your link to my page.


Azariah said...
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