Thursday, September 06, 2007


So you may have noticed that the updates at Spitting Out Teeth are fewer and farther between lately....and the content has been lacking a bit. My apologies for that--things have been a bit chaotic lately and unfortunately the blogging has been taking a back-burner to a few of my other interests:

1) I've been playing more music than I've been listening to lately. Beyond my ArtHop show with the The Le Duo tomorrow, my old cinematic nom de plume Solah has been resurrected for a drone/doom metal project with JB. An EP called "Darkcar" will be released later this month; I will post the cover art and an excerpt from one of the tracks this weekend.

2) My good buddy Travis got me a year of Netflix for my birthday and I'm starting to rediscover my love of cinema as a result. And seeing as my film posts never seem to go over too well here, I've kept from doing reviews.

3) I'm spending some much-needed time with my lady love as our favorite season, autumn, fast approaches.

Another obstacle to my posting is the fact that my work disabled the script that allows you to create new posts on Blogger. Although it's frustrating, I can't complain--for the first time I can remember, I actually have a job that I love. It's a nice feeling after a long stretch of soul-crushing employment.

So no more excuses--I will be busy for a few weeks, but once the weather gets colder I will be doing a lot more blogging and a lot more stout and porter drinking. Which may or may not be the best combination in the world. It's like peanut butter and chocolate, but with more emotional rollercoasters and vomiting. God bless America.


the le duo said...

i thinks it about time to start planning the autumn blogger meet-up beer spectacular. some of my favorite brews are fall brews.


this fall is when i return to serious blogging too. so stay tuned people!

jay said...

Yeah, I guess it has been a while since I've made a spectacle of myself in a public place....another blogger FAP may be in order. Late September/early October works well for me.