Friday, September 14, 2007


Ahh, Hell Week is over...September is a very busy time at my work because we have our premiere tradeshow of the year the first week of October and we're all scrambling to get stuff ready for it. On top of that, we have a new boss and we had to have a bunch of meetings this week as a result. All in all though, despite a rough week, I still love my job. Unlike the last one, I'm not working ridiculous amounts of unpaid overtime and traveling constantly. Nine hours of stress a day is well worth it to get home by 6:00 every night and not have to be checking work e-mail at midnight.

Another great benefit--the 9/80 work schedule that gives me every other Friday off. Which is why I sipping a latte & blogging at Radio Bean instead of typing away in my cubicle this morning. It's a really beautiful day (I love autumn weather) and was nice and quiet until the beastly All Cycle trucks rolled up in front. The low rumble of their idling engines and howl of the espresso machine are mingling interestingly with the Thom Yorke song playing on the speakers thought. Cup half full....

In about eight hours, Jaime-Lynn and I are headed to Newport, NH to spend the weekend at her grandmother's house. We haven't been there in over a year and it used to be a once a month trip for us, a sanity-saving retreat to a very small town, where we could spend a few days reading, shopping, watching Red Sox games & eating Gram Betty's delicious meals. Because of work and school and hobbies and other things we stopped making it a regular trip, but we both missed going & are very excited for a leisurely weekend where time passes more slowly than here in the "big city".

I also have some "work" to do while I'm there--I need to work on the 2nd track of the Solah ep. A bit of editing, lay down a synth track and bassline and it's ready for JB's percussioin. I'm pretty psyched to get this album finished; it's the first recording I've produced since college and I'm enjoying the entire process, from composing to collaborating to editing & final production. The EP should done by October 1st and there is some talk of trying to pull the stuff off live as a quartet which I'm really excited about, seeing as there doesn't seem to be much in the way of drone doom metal outfits in Burlington (if I'm wrong, please let me know because I'd really like to go see one of their shows).

Speaking of much as I'm looking forward to going to New Hampshire, I'm really bummed about missing the noise show with A Snake In the Garden and other groups tomorrow night at Kriya. I can't be there, but you sure as hell should be--videotaping it for me, even. Here's the poster and showtime info:

That's about it. Life is pretty good right now; guess I should stop writing about it & starting enjoying it while it last--take care everyone & have a great weekend!


Tanner M. said...

good to hear it Jay - enjoy your weekend get away, soak up those moments.

Herb said...

Nice to hear you so contented man, unlike the rest of us angst-ridden bloggers.