Monday, September 10, 2007


So who wants to go with me to see Badfish, the premiere Sublime cover band, at Higher Ground in December?

See, my initial plans for that evening (giving myself paper cuts in between my toes and then pouring salt & lemon juice on the wounds) fell through, so I had to settle for something slightly more painful and stupid.

Just kidding. I'd rather light my scrotum on fire than go to a Sublime concert. I'd opt for full-body self-immolation before going to see an homage group.

(Flame on Sublime fans...)


the le duo said...

ha! i actually saw this band one time- i took my little brother and his friend chip to see them at old higher ground. they were pretty fucking horrible.

say what you will about sublime, i really dont mind them that much. the first cover band i played in (called both 'east infection' & 'burnt col.' on different occasions) played a LOT of sublime because kyle (the guitarist/singer/song picker outer) was obsessed with them. but he got over it.

Herb said...

You had me going there for a second.

I was going to stop reading your blog.

Tanner M. said...

same here. i punched the screen.

casey said...

Bradley Nowell had soul. And a substance problem.

It's not his fault rednecks put Sublime stickers on their bongs right next to the flaming skull and NASCAR decal. Just like Bob Marley isn't to blame for the tie-dyed wall hangings with his face on them sandwiched in between thumbtacked Dave Matthews ticket stubs and Coors Girls poster.

That said, I'd rather stab my eardrums out with a rusty rail tie than see Badfish. But Sublime were a decent enough band.

Herb said...

No Casey, Sublime were terrible.


What are those masons doing to you?

jay said...

Sorry, but no one will ever sell me on Sublime--they reside amongst Everclear and Smashmouth as most annoying rock bands in modern popular music.

Anonymous said...

jay please post someting else so i dont have to keep lookin at this!

i would listen to everclear anyday over Sublime

casey said...

Oh my God, Everclear are so fucking BAD. Every song is the same. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Just listen to Sublime's rhythm section — they cooked.

And they're just a pop band, for fuck's sake. A tight 'n' feisty one, with hooks. Or is this really about hating third-wave ska?

Herb doesn't like The Police, so I kind of get it. The rest of you probably rocked out to Bush or some shit. I mean, Tanner has his T-Hip. Glass houses, dudes.

But back to the point: comparing Sublime to Everclear and Smashmouth isn't just absurd, it's just plain wrong.

Can we talk about good music now?

jay said...

Casey loves Sublime so much think he should MARRY Sublime. :)

It's definitely the third-wave ska that drives me insane. I fucking hate ska worse than flat tires and canker sores put together.