Sunday, September 09, 2007


Hey T.Rex fans--go to to find download links for pretty much every T.Rex and Tyrannosaurus Rex album ripped at 320kbps. Then go buy the albums on vinyl.

There are also a bunch of other albums at the site, including a bunch of Blue Oyster Cult (I'm looking at you Casey...)



casey said...

Yeah, that's incredible. I pretty much have most of those T. Rex albums, but the Tyrannosaurus Rex stuff is a total find!

As far as BOC goes, I thought, meh — I'm sure I already have it all. But Imaginos, Club Ninja and Revolution by Night are all out of print, and I only ever had them on the cassette. They're all crappy albums, but wow!

Tanner M. said...

When i was working at Pure Pop we'd listen to T.Rex fairly often, but mainly the later Tyranosaurus stuff, and the early T. Rex stuff - then they reissued all the later albums, at first they were underwealming but after repeated listening they're pretty awesome in their own right.

jay said...

I think T.Rex is great as long as you don't take Marc Bolan too seriously. Whether that be in the pretentious wood-nymph psych-folkie Tyrannosaurus phase or the coked-up, recycled beat latter period.

That said, I still think "Electric Warrior", "The Slider" and even "Tanx" are masterpieces. I just wish they would have edited out those lame "One, two and buckle my shoe" intros--it's embarrassingly moronic.