Saturday, October 13, 2007


It has been a big year for Joy Division...

  • Rhino has re-released all of the band's studio albums on vinyl. They sound great and are available at Pure Pop.
  • Want to design your own Joy Division mixtape album cover? Download the official typefaces from Peter Saville's website.
  • A couple of JD/Ian Curtis themed films are coming out soon. First, a documentary directed by Grant Gee ("Meeting People is Easy") called simply "Joy Division" and then a Curtis biopic called "Control", directed by the band's former music video director Anton Corbijn. It is based on the book "Touching From a Distance", written by Curtis' wife Deborah.
  • There is a fantastic article from 2005 about Joy Division at the wonderful k-punk blog called "Nihil Rebound". You can find it HERE, about halfway down the page. It's pretty long, but well worth the time.
And for the uninitiated, check out Joy Division: Under Review and 24 Hour Party People.


Tanner M. said...

*gasp* The fonts!

Herb said...

I'll tell you, those Rhino remasters sound great. I picked up the vinyl for Unknown Pleasures and Closer yesterday. It was like hearing the albums again for the first time.

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