Sunday, October 07, 2007


Just got the e-mail below from Greg Davis--sounds like a great show; hope to see you all there!

hey guys,
just wanted to let you know about a show im putting together at the
firehouse gallery on oct. 26th. tom carter played before with
christina in charalambides. he'll be playing a solo set. and kurt and
ruth are both from the band feathers and they will be playing solo
sets as well. should be a good one.

heres the info:
spread the word!

tom carter
kurt weisman
ruth garbus

firehouse gallery
149 church st.
burlington VT

friday, october 26th

A big thanks to Greg for booking this show, especially in the middle of a tour and all.


the le duo said...

actually, as far as i know, greg is chillin' on a beach in mexico right now! would love to see the folks from feathers, never saw them or heard much but i know people like them. charalambides set almost melancholy'd me to death last time so i dont know if i could take it again! maybe his solo stuff is different...

jay said...

I'm a sucker for the melancholy music, so it sounds good to me. Feathers is pretty good too, so it should be a nice show.