Tuesday, October 09, 2007


For the 20 or so of you who actually made it out to hear the dreamy sounds of Beach House at Higher Ground a few weeks ago, you're probably still reeling from the foggy beauty of their sonic Elysian fields. And if you were already a fan of theirs before the show, you probably noticed that they played a few songs that aren't on their wonderful self-titled debut album.

Well, those new tunes will be on their sophomore offering, Devotion, which will be released on February 26th via Carpark Records. This is definitely one of the my most anticipated releases for next year.

If you're a fan of the old vinyl like I am, be sure to get your pre-orders in right away--the original pressing of the first Beach House album was only 300 copies and sold out very quickly, with copies fetching $35-50 on eBay recently. However...due to popular demand, a second pressing of 500 copies was just completed and are available to order for only $15 (+s/h) from Heartbreak Records. Get it NOW or you will seriously regret it.


Tanner M. said...

i so got mine!

Leo said...

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