Tuesday, October 30, 2007


As promised, Halloween brings the release date for the first Solah ep, a post-metal/noise collaboration between JB LeDoux and yours truly. It was truly a learning experience for me, especially the recording and mixing process which I'm completely new to.

Live Solah concerts to be following shortly, including a CD release party next month. Look for a full-length Solah LP to come in early 2008.

For best results, play loud while driving around in a thunderstorm.


casey said...

Sweet. I'll listen to it on the Metro.

casey said...

Hey -- this is really fucking good! I mean, I'm not, like, surprised or anything, but it's truly a deep and deliberate recording. I'll be returning to it often, which is definitely how I measure worthwhile music.

Double high-fives to you and JB!

gd said...

sounds awesome dudes, has a great sense of stasis/suspense.

turn up the bass aliens!

jay said...

Thanks guys! I'm not thrilled with the production quality, but seeing as I haven't recorded music since some 4-track cassette demos in college, I guess it was ok for a first attempt.

Expect a much more complex sound on the LP, both in terms of production & songcraft. We will also be adding bass and analog synth to the mix in both live shows and on the album, so it should expand the sound a bit.

Mainly I was just looking for something creepy and heavy, that was kind of an "Earth meets Bobby Beausoleil" kind of vibe. Judging by the comments, I think that came across.

Thanks again--the feedback is good encouragement for JB & I do get our butts back to the studio to start work on the new material!