Monday, February 26, 2007


It's well known now that I'm a Dylan fan (and apparently a member of his "camp" according to some Hayden Christensen supporters), and D.A. Pennebaker's Dylan doc "Don't Look Back" has long been one of my favorite films.

While perusing through the music DVDs at Coconuts yesterday, I happened to find this:

It was apparently a special edition box set of "Don't Look Back" that I never even heard about being released. I went home & did some research and found out why--it's not supposed to be on sale until Tuesday. Oops! But I also found out that it's not only a remastered copy of "Don't Look Back", but it also contains a completely new film called "Bob Dylan 65 Revisited" , in which Pennebaker went back to his archives & edited down 20 hours of his favorite footage into a one-hour supplemental film. Apparently it shows another side of bob (no pun intended) than the sullen, ego-driven dilletante is "Don't Look Back"--having fun, shopping for clothes, chatting with fans, etc. Goes to show the power of the filmmaker in the editing room, and also proof positive of the dangers of Cinema Verite and any art form that portrays itself to be "objective truth".

Unfortunately, the $50 price tag (along with the fact that I already own a DVD copy of "Don't Look Back) kept me from picking it up & giving a review. It should be cheaper at certain online retailers soon though. I'll post a full review when I pick it up.

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