Tuesday, February 27, 2007

IAN WALLACE: 1947-2007

Bad month to be a friend of Bob Dylan....

Drummer Ian Wallace, who toured with Bob Dylan in the 70's (and featured on the albums "Street Legal" and "Bob Dylan at Budokan") and again in the 90's, died February 22nd of esophageal cancer at the age of 60. (Wallace was also the drummer on the King Crimson albums "Islands" and "Earthbound", for all you prog rock fans out there)

Also, folksinger Eric von Schmidt (whom wrote the song "Baby, Let Me Follow You Down" that Dylan made famous on his self-titled debut album and his later electric reworking of the song during his 1966 tour) passed away on February 2nd.

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casey said...

Ian Wallace died?

I am a fan of his work with Crimson, although that incarnation of the band was a little off.

Interestingly, the bassist/vocalist for that version of KC died late last year. Boz Burell — better known as the bass player for (gasp) Bad Company.