Friday, February 23, 2007


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've decided to add a bit of fun & shennanigans to the Spitting Out Teeth blog. Inspired by my ol' buddy Filmbrain, I have decided to do a weekly trivia game where I post a picture, question or audio clip & you have to guess where it's from.

This week it's a picture:

I am looking for:

1) The name of the film
2) The name of the film's director
3) The name of actor pictured (hint: he is also a director)

Bonus points if you can name at least two films the pictured actor has directed.

Send your answers to:

Oh, and did I mention there were prizes? Prizes will usually be given at on the last week of the month, with the person with the most first correct answers winning the prize (in the event of a tie, I will draw out of a hat. Or a boot. Possibly a boot.)

But...since this is the first time, I'm going to do prizes for this week. The winner has their choice of one of the following:

* New DVD copy of "Mutual Appreciation"

* New sealed CD copy of Mark Fry's "Dreaming With Alice"

* $20 Gift Certificate to PurePop Records.

Only catch--you need to be in the greater Burlington area to win (unless you want to pay shipping costs). DEADLINE IS SUNDAY, FEB. 25TH @ 5:00 PM. Good luck!


Eva the Deadbeat said...

Ooooh, cool prizes and cool Friday trivia contest! Loves it! I am not sure where this movie still comes from but it makes me think of that creepy killer in Silence of the Lambs - shiver!

I blogrolled you, I've been known to spit out teeth as well! ;)

jay said...

Thanks Eva! No one has answered yet, so you still have time to rent every movie at Waterfront Video to find that still :)

casey said...

Man, I gotta link to this post.

SOMEONE should win that Mark Fry disc.