Monday, February 26, 2007


I'm sad to say that we did not have a winner in this week's trivia challenge. The answers are as follows:

FILM: Julien Donkey-Boy
DIRECTOR: Harmony Korine
ACTOR: Werner Herzog
BONUS: Aguirre, Wrath of God; Fitzcarraldo; Woyzeck; Nosferatu; Grizzly Man; My Best Fiend; Even Dwarves Started Small; Land of Silence and Darkness; etc.

We did have one late entry (Thanks Tom!) that correctly identified the actor as Herzog & even named a few of his films. Not enough to win the prizes, but it will tack on some bonus points for Tom in next month's contest.

Seeing as this is primarily a music blog, I promise that this Friday's trivia will feature an audio clue. Good luck!


casey said...

Shit, the contest is over already? I was gonna link to it....

It's weird — I knew it was Herzog, but I've never seen Julien Donkey Boy, so I wouldn't have been able to figure it out. I reached a saturation point with Harmony Korine by the time the film came out. I still kinda wanna watch it, though.

jay said...

Julien Donkey-Boy is the peak of Korine's filmmaking career. "Gummo" is also one of my favorites, but JDB is a much bolder experiment, both in form and content.

It's one of the few Dogme 95 films that didn't try to make miniDV look like 35mm film. Instead it took full advantage of the medium of video, cranking contast until the image was a brash blowout of neon pixels, along with various in-camera digital effects. With the exception of the little known "Trans" there are not too many films that look like this.

Korine has his weaknesses as both a filmmaker & a human being, but I also think he's incredibly underrated. He's created some of the most memorable and original scenes & characters in cinema over the past decade, and if he could clean himself up a bit, he could be one of the greats.

"Sensationalism" is a derrogatory tag often applied to Korine and other filmmakers (Gaspar Noe immediately comes to mind), and it's a topic I plan to address in a future post.

jay said...

And for anyone who was wondering, the image is from a scene in the film where Herzog's character has locked himself in his room, wearing a gas mask, drinking from a bottle of Robotussin DM & listening to Dock Boggs' "Sugar Baby". If that's not a selling point for watching this film, I don't know what is.