Saturday, July 07, 2007


I very regretfully missed Akron/Family's show on June 7th, and from discussions I've had with many local music fans, it sounds like I wasn't alone. Those who made it to the show raved about it for weeks, and I was green with envy.

However, according to the Family's new tour schedule, it looks like I may have a chance to see them after all--they will be playing in Burlington again on September 27th!

I'm sure Greg Davis had something to do with this, so thanks Greg!


greg davis said...

noah who books for metronome is a huge fan of the akron/family and i know the guys had a great time and a really nice show, so they wanted to come back to play.

it should be a really fun tour, look for a surprise extra member of the band :)

jay said...

Yeah, I heard a rumor about that "extra member" but didn't want to say anything...looking forward to it!

Herb said...

This is all very good news. Jay, thanks for harbiging.

jay said...

That's what I'm here for :)

By the way, if any of you four people who read my blog haven't been over to visit Herb's blog on the beautiful new McCuin-designed Pure Pop website, go check it out--

It's quickly becoming one of my favorite local blogs.

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