Sunday, July 01, 2007


Just got back from the Bob Dylan show at the Essex Fairgrounds tonight. I need to get to bed so I will wait until tomorrow to write up a full review, but it was an amazing show. Prior to tonight, I'd Dylan in concert twice: First in '96 at UVM's Patrick Gymnasium (horrible show), then in State College, PA at Penn State in 2001 (very good show, right after "Love and Theft" was released). I was hoping for something at least somewhere in between tonight, but was pleasantly surprised to have the Penn State show blown completely out of the water. Dylan was on his game tonight, energetic, spry & hitting some upper register notes that I haven't heard him hit in quite a while.

Tomorrow night I'll write up a full review--off to bed for me now.


Tanner M. said...

wow, that's good to hear, when i saw him in 2000, it was like he had marbles in his mouth and had been snortin oxy contin.

casey said...

Did he play the guitar or sit at the keyboard like he has on the rest of the tour?

Tony Danza is hosting This year's 4th of July concert on the National Mall. Bet you're pretty jealous.

jay said...

"The other day I was walking along the Hollywood walk of fame and I stumbled across Tony Danza's star....And I urinated on it yelling, "And who's the boss now?!"
~Zach Galifianakis~

Oh yeah, and Zach Galifianakis is performing at UVM on Sept. 3rd. Bet YOU'RE pretty jealous.... :)

(And Dylan split duties between electric guitar & keys--he's been back on guitar this year)

Herb said...

I saw in November and he was fantastic. He only played keys, but he played 'em well.

Anonymous said...

I was a good show. I was ready for him to lay off that Farfiza sounding thing though. The growl was frightening. He really could sing some serious metal now if he tried.