Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I've mentioned this a few times already, but I'm leaving town & it bears repeating. Burlington's hottest new free-jazz/experimental supergroup, the le duo (sextet), will be performing its premiere concert at Kriya Studios this Saturday (July 14th) at 8pm. The sextet is made up of some of Burlington's most talented performers, including Sara-Paule Koeller and Toby Aronson of Oak, singer song-writer Kyle Chevalier, Marnie Long and JB Ledoux (former members of Nest Material) & the godfather of Vermont experimental sounds, Mr. Greg Davis.

Unfortunately, I will be in Chicago so I will be unable to either attend or perform (maybe next time JB can make it a septet and I can show off my bulbul tarang skillz), but I hope the rest of you do. It should be one of this summer's best shows.


the le duo said...

i have to put some new photos online: that hung over, ragged picture of me has been shown to death! anyway, it should be a great show & its too bad yr missing it, but chicago & pitchfork fest will be fun too!

maybe you'll play with us at art hop?


jay said...

maybe you'll play with us at art hop?

I would be honored to, sir!

You're right, the rear-view mirror picture is a cliche by now, by it's such a cool composition. Plus it captures the essence of "winter JB" with the hat and beard & all.

Is anyone videotaping the show? I'd love to see it if someone does. At least get an audio recording and a group photo for future shows. You can always Photoshop in that picture of me doing "jazz hands" at the first Blogger's FAP for the Art Hop show :)

the le duo said...

i dont know about video, but i'm gonna try to get audio & i'm sure there'll be plenty of pictures. rock & ____