Thursday, July 26, 2007


Ah, wonderful, horrible invention of man! It's like the world's biggest yard sale, but it takes credit cards and you can't take home your junk right away. Also like a yard sale, you end up buying a lot of stuff that you want but don't necessarily need.

I've been on a big vinyl kick lately (who hasn't?) as well as a big free-jazz kick (thanks JB), so it's not a surprise that I'm currently bidding on a lot of avant jazz vinyl. Here's what I'm currently in the running for:

John Coltrane, "Ascension" (original mono release)

Pharoah Sanders, "Karma" (original Impulse release)

Pharoah Sanders, "Thembi"
(this is the one Sonny Sharrock played on)

Outbid me and your ass is mine!!! :)

I'm also watching (only WATCHING, mind you) this little guy....

Damn you eBay and your vile material temptations!!!


the le duo said...

is 'ascension' version 1 or 2? they recorded two & then released one- but then trane didnt like it so they stopped production & released the second version...

jay said...

I believe it's version 2...but I'm not positive. Never understood what he didn't like about version 1.