Friday, December 08, 2006


Courtesy of Animal Collective & French radio station Planet Claire, here is a three song EP of a live performance from August 2005:

The Purple Bottle (Track 1)
Flesh Canoe (Track 2)
I've Got Mine (Track 3)

Or if you're more of the "watching" type, here are videos of each song being performed (this are pretty large .wmv files, so be prepared for the download to take awhile if you're on dial-up):

The Purple Bottle (video)
Flesh Canoe (video)
I've Got Mine (video)

The nice folks at Planet Claire were even nice enough to provide a .zip file with album artwork that you can print out to make your own jewel case, slip case and CD label (in .pdf format). The design is pretty crappy, but hey, it's free:

EP Artwork (.zip)

And yours truly decided to do a quick Photoshop job to make an iTunes compatible cover art JPEG:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


**UPDATE**-- Here's some more free Animal Collective live stuff from

Animal Collective @ Archive)

You can download three free full concerts in FLAC, OGG, or mp3 format.

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