Sunday, December 03, 2006


For those of you who don't know me well, I graduated from college in 2001 with a degree in Film & Video. My specialization was in the highly lucrative career of avant-garde and experimental film. Obviously, I was unable to parlay my love of pixels and jump cuts into a career (though I did work as a Motion Graphics designer for nearly three years), but I still make films as a hobby.

I've long been a fan of experimental music videos and documentaries, and my images are often inspired by music. I've even made a few experimental works using music from some local Burlington bands that I thought I'd share.

NECROPHAGIA (The Cancer Conspiracy, "Conversation With A Wall")

This was actually a trailer for what was meant to be a longer experimental documentary on The Cancer Conspiracy, mixing some of the imagery shown here with live concert footage, interviews, etc. Alas, it was never meant to be, as TCC went their separate ways shortly after I completed this trailer.

GOSSIP OF FLAMES (The Interior, "Gossip of Flames")

This is probably the closest thing to a "music video" I've done, seeing as it incorporates the entire track. The footage that it contains is b-roll from my days as a wedding/events videographer, quite possibly the worst job in the world. If anyone out there is interested in the ghost-like effect used, I'll be glad to explain what I did. Let's just say it involves After Effects and many layers of video.

I have the worst luck with these things, because shortly after I made the video, The Interior broke up.

APPLE CORE (Nest Material, "Ghosts of Dead Kids")

For a short time, I was participating in an online film club called the "54-hrs. Film Project". You would get a cryptic sentence via e-mail on Friday night & have to create a short film inspired by that sentence, encode it & post it to the web within 54 hours. "Apple Core" was one of these submissions. I had just recently been turned on to Nest Material, and I really wanted to incorporate their music into one of my pieces, it is.


Anonymous said...

Great job on these Jay - It's great to "ghosts" translated visually - i think everyone else in the band would agree; It's also great to hear the interior again, they were one of my favorite burlington bands for a while, i remember going to see them for the first time back during the short time there was a venue above battery street jeans... remember that? Jared was such a nice guy too, i hope he's doing well in chicago or wherever he is - again great job, and thanks!

jay said...

Thanks! I hope you're ok with letting me use your song. It goes without saying, but I've never made a penny from that video! :)

I've been traveling to Chicago a lot lately and I wanted to meet up with Jared (did you know he's getting married?) but I couldn't find his contact info. I know Jared through my girlfriend, who is the manager at Garcia's and has worked with James (another former Interior member)for a while.

I definitely remember "The Space" above Battery Street Jeans--I actually did a video art installation there when it first opened. It's too bad it closed; it has a lot of potential.

Anonymous said...

of course it's fine, wow - that's awesome to hear about Jared, he's the marrying type if there ever was, such a friendly thoughtful fellow. if you see him, tell him i said congrats!

always knew James as Jamie - i went over to his place after shows to have drinks w/ those guys a few times, he needs to get out and play drums again.

jay said...

I'll definitely let Jared know you said hi if I talk with him soon. My girlfriend and I are probably going to Chicago on vacation soon & we were going to stop by to visit Jared and his friend Jereme (their girlfriends/fiances are sisters).

James is still playing drums; he's supposed to be playing a show at Metronome with a guitarist he knows sometime soon. I'll post a little advertisement on the blog when I get the date & time. He's a great guy and probably the nicest Keith Moon obsessed drummer I've ever known!

casey said...

Jared's getting married to my cousin!

Jamie is a wilddman on the skins.

I like these here vids, sir.

PS: Stop breaking up bands!

casey said...

Fix that typo!

jay said...

He's so wild he needs two D's :)

Apparently James (aka Jamie)'s show at Metronome has already occurred. He has more planned though & I plan to give him free advertisement on spittingoutteeth because he's a great drummer & he shares his Guinness with me!