Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I hope everyone had a good holiday season; I certainly did. A couple days off from work, time with family & was bliss. The lack of snow was a bit of a letdown, but hey, that's the wonders of global warming for you.

I got some fun new presents as well. My parents got us a beautiful new dining room table; Jaime bought me a couple Lomography cameras (I'll post some pics after I develop my first reel) and some books, CDs and clothes.

So what did you get? Any cool new music or instruments or other assorted ephemera? Post a comment & a picture if you have one.


Flatlander said...

My brother-in-law got me a subscription to Wax Poetics which is fantastic. Good brother-in-law.

Tmoore said...

my lovely lady got me a beautiful black meditation pillow and a jar of vermont harvested honey to go on my shrine - two wonderfully thoughtful gifts.

my father gave me some cash to put towards apple care for my macbook and a new digital camera (fuji finepix v10. orange.)

my roomate got me a collecton of Algenon Blackwood short stories and a little dylan thomas book w/ woodcuts.

I bought myself about 7 new plants for the apartment - i couldn't be more pleased :)

what's lomography?

jay said...

Wax Poetics looks like a pretty nice magazine; good brother-in-law indeed!

I have a Fuji Finepix myself & I love it. It's one of the easiest cameras to operate, but they're still very versatile.

Lomography is basically just a trend among some amateur photographers of taking cheap 35mm cameras and tricking them out with fisheye lenses, colored flashes, altered shutters, multiple lenses, etc. for weird, unpredictable photos. If you do a Google Image search for "lomography" it should pull up quite a few examples.

I'm planning on bringing my new lomo cameras to your party so you can play with them then! :)

the le duo said...

my mom got me an orange county choppers shirt. I was like 'huh?' also, 'love' by the beatles...thats a little more up my alley...all in all a great holiday!


casey said...

Algernon Blackwood = score!

My fiance got me an escape to DC.

My cats got me happy.