Monday, December 18, 2006


As promised, here is the soundtrack to Simon Tarr's feature-length experimental film "Rubicon", scored by my friend Edward Kurland. "Spitting Out Teeth" readers were first introduced to Ed from my video clip post of our "performance" at the Phyrst pub in State College, PA. While we had a blast getting on stage and making some nice, doped-out sounds together, this album is Mr. Kurland's masterpiece and it's where he worked best--alone, in his room, surrounded by dozens of effects pedals, barefoot, Nag Champa burning, being completely sober but hallucinating on the sound of his own music. He was a great friend and a great musician & I miss him dearly.

While I obviously can't get his permission to post it, I'm sure Ed would have no problem with me sharing the full album of his soundtrack to "Rubicon". The CD of the soundtrack is no longer available from Amazon, but Simon Tarr may still have copies available. So, here it is, Edward Kurland's "Rubicon" soundtrack--

l.e.d (overture)
transplanet momentum
ping pac
most codec
plastic lyceum
binary compositionism
modem comb
wave space displacement
user error

If you would like to purchase a copy of the film, they are available here.


I'd love to hear feedback on the music, so please leave comments. I was able to post these files for free using MediaMax. If it works, it's a blogger's dream--25GB of free online file hosting.

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rob said...

i guess i don't have to mention that i'm a fan of this. it complements the film so nicely, but i like it even better on its own. interesting what you said in an earlier post about having lived vicariously through his immense creative energy and talents. i can't imagine someone knowing ed and not feeling that way about him.