Sunday, December 31, 2006


...the two Grace Potter shows I attended at Higher Ground were amazing; it resurrected my respect for good ol' fashioned virtuoso rock skills. They made a fan out of me.

...GP's opening act tonight, Apollo Sunshine, was wacky & fun & I don't care what the booing 40 year old housewives think--they were great! Any band that can end a set with screaming & breaking every string on their double-neck guitar wins major props with me

...filming rock stars is turning me into a rock star--i slept until 4pm yesterday & I'm wide awake at 5am today.

...t-minus 17 hrs. to the New Year's bash on Clarke Street; looking forward to it!


Tmoore said...

sorry you missed it man - good time were had :) feel better

Flatlander said...

Amen on Apollo Sunshine. Highly overlooked band.

casey said...

I like Apollo Sunshine, too. And they're great live. I think they're overlooked by hipsters, but are beginning to be embraced by hippies.

You know me — born to generalize.

jay said...

The reason AS is probably being so embraced by hippies is that their bass player is Lord King God of the Hippies. The dude is crunchier than a Kit Kat bar.

I have to say that Grace Potter's drummer Cado (nickname; don't remember his real name) is one of the nicest successful musicians that I've ever met. Usually the period in between anonymity to national recognition is when musicians tend to develop huge egos and insecurity issues, but he was one of the most down-to-earth & genuinely kind people I've ever met. The whole band is actually really cool. Good to see you can take the Nocturnals out of VT but you can't take the VT out of the Nocturnals!

Wait, what am I talking about--everybody in VT are assholes! Myself included! It's the cold winters & high rental prices that turns us all into bitter, mean isolated wretches :)

casey said...

Dude, Cado is the fucking nicest guy on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Did you happen to video Apollo Sunshine? I've been following them for awhile, amd caught them for that show... would love some viuals.

jay said...

Unfortunately I didn't get any video of Apollo Sunshine. We were only hired to film Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and the director was worried about filming the opening acts without their permission. I wish I had a copy myself; it was a great show.