Friday, March 23, 2007


How friggin' psyched am I? Very friggin' psyched. The wonderful Criterion Collection has just announced that they are going to be releasing two films by the embarrasingly underappreciated Yukoslavian filmmaker Dusan Makavejev, including one of my favorite films, "Sweet Movie".

Also, my dream of Criterion releasing more experimental film following their release of the indispensible By Brakhage set has finally been realized. Chris Marker's brilliant experimental documentaries "La Jetee" (the inspiration for the Terry Gilliam film "12 Monkeys") and "Sans Soleil" will be released together as a single disc.

Also of note--Lindsay Anderson's "If..." starring a pre-"Clockwork Orange" Malcom McDowell.

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Andrew said...

God bless Criterion. I've lied. I've actually seen more than 15 films and "If...." is one of them. I stole it from my high school's english dept back in 1990, so most of the magnetic info has worn off. It has an incredible ending (in my opinion).

I'm hellastoked. Criterion usually puts together great packaging as well. I think that's why I enjoyed Videodrome a little more than I should have.