Monday, March 05, 2007


I must say that I'm really glad that Greg Davis lives in Burlington. Not only is he an amazingly talented musician, he is also dedicated to bringing top-notch avant-garde acts from around the world to our small little arctic town. The Sun Circle/Wind-Up Bird show last month at the Green Door was a magical experience, and this Sunday's show featuring Jason Kahn & Jon Mueller is sure to be as well.

Jason Kahn + Jon Mueller

Kahn uses percussion and analogue synthesizer, and Mueller uses
percussion and cassettes. Both blur the realm of merely using
percussion instruments as devices to be struck. As on their recent
Formed Records recording, "Supershells," Kahn and Mueller take the
frequencies and textures of their instruments, and integrate them
into one seemless mix.

"Percussion is often subsumed within the densely swelling layers of
electronic and manipulated a remarkable degree with the
unstable, bottom-heavy, rather threatening electronic sounds which
are characteristic of this impressive set." - Brian Marley, The Wire,

Jason Kahn is a sound and visual artist based in Z¸rich. His work
includes drawing, sound installation, performance and composition. He
was born in New York, grew up in Los Angeles and relocated to Europe
in 1990. Kahn has performed both solo and in collaboration with
numerous other musicians worldwide, including Tetuzi Akiyama, Kim
Cascone, Dieb13, Arnold Dreyblatt, Kevin Drumm, Erik M, John Hudak,
Brandon Labelle, Jason Lescalleet, Christian Marclay, Norbert
MĖ†slang, David Moss, G¸nter M¸ller, Jon Mueller, Toshimaru Nakamura,
Sachiko M, Sainkho Namtchylak, Evan Parker, Steve Roden, Taku
Sugimoto and Otomo Yoshihide and many others. Kahn has given
concerts at various festivals, art spaces and clubs throughout
Europe, North and South America, Japan, Korea, Israel, Turkey,
Russia, Lebanon, Egypt and Australia.

Jon Mueller has been an active drummer and percussionist since the
early 90s. Whether utilizing bombastic minimalism, dense interplay,
or electroacoustic practices, his approach focuses on a physical
dialog between situation and material. He has been featured on
numerous recordings and has performed throughout the U.S., Japan, and
The Netherlands. He has performed/recorded with: Aranos, Keith
Berry, Jarboe, Jason Kahn, Asmus Tietchens, Jack Wright, Carol
Genetti, Chris Rosenau, Collections of Colonies of Bees, Hal Rammel,
Steve Nelson-Raney, Tetuzi Akiyama, Jim Schoenecker, Tom Wincek, Bhob
Rainey, Martijn Tellinga, Glenn Kotche, Pele, Steven Hess, Tatsuya
Nakatani, Werner Moebius, Lionel Marchetti, Adam Sonderberg, Tim
Catlin, Matt Turner, Jeff Klatt, Achim Wollscheid, Fred Lonberg-
Holm's Lightbox Orchestra and many others.

The Green Door Studios are at 20 Howard Street in Burlington (right off of Pine, around the corner from Speeder & Earl's). The all-ages show starts at 8pm & admission is only $5, but be sure to bring a little extra as there are sure to be albums for sale. Hope to see you there!

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greg davis said...

thanks for spreading the word.
it should be a nice show.