Friday, March 30, 2007


Ok folks, this is it--the deciding round in this month's trivia challenge! Seeing as last week's quiz was music related, this week's will be a film-related question.

Here's the clue--

1) What is the name of the film this still is taken from?
2) What is the director's name?
3) Name at least three other films by this director?

BONUS: One of the characters in this film is a heroin-addicted Vietnam veteran. Name the type of animal this character is.

The deadline for entries is Sunday at 5pm. Good luck to everyone--I will announce this month's winner on Sunday evening.

**UPDATE: Guess it would help if I posted my e-mail for sending your answers to:


Andrew said...

Fuck! I've never seen this film. All the best to you jb / le duo. I really do hope you win. It's been fun playing.

Sorry about the jerk-ness.

the le duo said...

well, i never saw the film either, though it looked familiar- i had to do some frantic google-ing! dont worry about the jerkiness- its all part of the game, right! may the luckiest man win! and jay, where the hell do you come up with these questions?


jay said...

So far, I've just been choosing something that I've been listening to/watching lately.

Both of you should watch the movie in's incredibly warped and twisted and darkly funny.