Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I have to say I'm pretty disappointed by this video, but I'll still post it because I love Panda Bear's new album. While I give the director points for the cat footage, taking a bunch of random footage & applying an invert filter & some arbitrarily selected blend modes does not do this song justice. Maybe I'll have to make my own video for this song; at least my film "abstraction is the hideous weakling child grown" had some poesie...and just as much cat footage!


serenta said...

i so agree and you very well should, alas your vision may also require an interpriter. or nawt!!

Tmoore said...

wait a minute that's obviously a smashing pumpkins video circa 1991. Awesome!

greg davis said...

seems to be a fan boy video.
because thats not panda bear singing in the shower.

the video doesnt capture the vibe of the song at all. i was waiting for a crow to appear the whole time....lousy video.

jay you should make a bright mellow sunshiney joyful video for it!