Monday, March 26, 2007


It looks like we have a mighty close five-way race coming into the final week of this month's Trivia Challenge. Here are our point leaders who are in contention to win--

ANDREW --> 60 points
JB --> 60 points
TOM --> 55 points
GREG --> 55 points
NICK --> 40 points

It's anybody's game at this point, so it'll be an interesting finish. Remember that the first correct answer gets 5 bonus points, so be checking this site frequently on Friday.

Oh yeah, here's this month's list of prizes--

1st Prize -- $20 gift certificate to PurePop OR "Wonder Showzen" Season One DVD.

2nd Prize -- CD copy of Velvet Underground's "VU"

3rd Prize -- My respect and admiration.

Good luck everyone!


the le duo said...

your going down andrew! bring it!


jay said...

My goal for these trivia challenges has been achieved--vicious, cut-throat competition! Sweeeeeet.......

Andrew said...

it's so brought, "le 'dunno'"!

the blogless out-of-towner is gonna bring the downer.

the le duo said...

dint think you can befuddle me with your amazing free styling skills, andrew!

Andrew said...

ab to jb:

you're 'through-o', Le Duo! I'm a Nipsey Russell beat-box!

the 'beat' is for beat down, sucka!