Friday, May 18, 2007


Well, the new Animal Collective album title and tracklisting are official. It appears that the album will be titled "Strawberry Jam" and the album tracks are as follows:

01 Peacebone
02 Unsolved Mysteries
03 Chores
04 For Reverend Green
05 Fireworks
06 #1
07 Winter Wonder Land
08 Cuckoo Cuckoo
09 Derek

Although I'm sure it's just a matter of time before the album leaks, if you want a preview of some of these songs, you can download this live show on


Hannah said...

I couldn't care less about Marilyn Manson's appearance or his actions. When I listen to his music I'm not watching him perform it. I'm not visualising him. I'm simply enjoying his opinion about America's society today. He doesn't do what he does to get attention. He does it to prove how judgemental and critical people are.

the le duo said...


casey said...

Yeah. What?

jay said...

**scratches head**