Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Tanner, JB, Jenny & I took a nice road trip to our state's capitol earlier this evening to see Oak perform a show at the Langdon Street Cafe. It was my second Oak show and my first trip to the Cafe, and I was quite impressed by both.

I guess I should clarify by saying that it was a performance by "2/3 Oak" because it was only Toby and Sara-Paule tonight, but they did a fine job of making up the difference. Toby filled in with some extra effort on the MicroKorg & Sara-Paule played some amazing EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument--don't feel bad; I didn't know what it was either until tonight.)

Despite a couple of minor glitches, the show went really well. I actually preferred it to the CD release party show (which had a full Oak and a much larger crowd) in some ways, mostly because it seemed more casual and open to improvisation. The CD release show seemed a bit more self-conscious to me in the attempt to make every note perfect (understandable, considering there were some high expectations from the crowd that night). Tonight just convinced me that not only can this group write and accurately perform intricate songs, they can also adapt, experiment and develop. It makes me very excited to hear what the sophomore album will sound like....

(sorry for the lack of photos--I forgot my digital camera & was too engrossed in a riveting game of scrabble to break out the cell phone cam)


ltlmomma said...


Tanner M. said...


mmmmm scrabble?

That game was fierce, and yes Jb, Cunted is a word.

jay said...

Well, if it wasn't before, it sure as hell is now.

I was pretty sure you and JB were going to put up fisticuffs over that game; next time we play board games remind me to bring the taser!