Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The good news: I've recently been introduced to Ethiopian music & I love it--incredibly funky and jazzy, with some really unique vocal styling. Here's one of my favorites from the wonderful "Ethiopiques" series:

"Temeles" from Ethiopiques Vol. 3

The bad news: I was planning to make one of my favorite connections (world music & cuisine) in this post by linking to my favorite Ethiopian restaurant, Messob D'Or on Monkland Avenue in Montreal. Unfortunately, while doing a Google search to find a link, I discovered that they filed for bankruptcy this month & have closed their doors. A good Ethiopian restaurant is hard to find in this part of the world, and Messob D'Or was one of the best; what a shame.


the le duo said...

so now we'll have to go to schwartz's when we go to montreal to see han bennink...free jazz & smoked meat? fuck yeah!

greg davis said...

i highly recommend
vol. 5 - tigrigna music
vol. 11 - alemu aga - the harp of king david
in the ethiopiques.
those are my favorites by far, so good!

ethiopian food is so good. i imagine there would another place in montreal no?

casey said...

Ethiopian food: another reason to visit us in DC!

jay said...

JB--Hell's yeah; can't think of a better combo!

Greg--thanks for the head's up on the other Ethiopiques discs; I'm loving #3 so I'll have to pick those up. As for another Montreal Ethiopian restaurant, there is supposedly one other one still open, but I've heard it's much pricier and not as good.

Casey--not that I needed another reason for a D.C. trip, but I think I know what we'll be doing for dinner our first night there!

signal to noise guy said...

I don't know if it still exists, but the Blue Nile is another great choice for Ethopian food in Montreal.