Tuesday, May 22, 2007


For those of you who have not visited The Le Duo blog lately, JB has been recently quite obsessed with the free-jazz and has been posting like a madman--obscure album downloads, YouTube videos, a great interview with John Coltrane, etc. As a man who has the occasional music obsessions myself (lately it's been the Rolling Stones, following an Animal Collective period), I appreciate the importance of becoming completely immersed in a sound. And in July, JB & I will get to immerse ourselves in the free-jazz live when we go see Han Bennink in Montreal!

In other local blog news....In case you've been living under a rock and haven't heard already, the venerable Casey Rea (yes, I'm implying that you're old Casey) is leaving his post as the voice of Vermont music at Seven Days and is pursuing the not-so-greener pastures of our nation's capital, Washington D.C. Let's wish Casey & his new bride Brooke the best of luck! And knowing Casey, I'm sure his eloquence and charm will land him a job as a U.S. Senator in no time...lord help us all :)

Oh, and speaking of Casey, he'll always be with us in blog form: check out his new blog "The Contrarian"

Here are a couple of my favorite YouTube videos of the day:

Here's a pre-smack Pete Doherty being a witty little smart ass on MTV, making fun of Oasis when it was cool to make fun of Oasis (i.e. before everyone knew that they sucked):

And here's Lady Sovereign having yet another temper tantrum and walking out in the middle of a show...I think this hack white lady rapper's career is pretty well over at this point.

"Hope Is Emo" = ROFL

Oh, and in closing--the reason why there hasn't been any trivia this month is because....well, I'm flat broke! My apologies to last month's winners who still haven't received their prizes yet, but I assure you they will be shipping out this weekend.

Take care everyone & enjoy the fairly decent weather out there!


casey said...

Thanks for the props, yo.

PS: I spammed Highgate with this info, but I'll hit you up as well.

The wife says we're having public party funs of Friday.

In her own words:

"So, all of you know Casey and I got married, but we couldn't fit everyone into our tiny attic to witness the event. Also, we decided it is time for us to move on from Burlington, and we will be moving to Washington, DC in early June. And, tomorrow is Casey's Birthday.

So to celebrate our jobless, homeless, married, and older state, we'll be having a drink or few at Red Square on Friday night, starting at 6pm. Drop by if you get a chance.

We wish we'd gotten to spend more time with all of you. I kept thinking we had a lot more time to see everyone before we left. A friend said today, "it seems like you've been leaving in three weeks for a long time now." But now it's really true.

If you can't make it Friday, please stay in touch. And keep Burlington interesting!"

So come on down.

casey said...

Also, Lady Sovreign is pretty weak salsa.

I don't know why people fall for this shit. "I'm short. I'm British. I rap. I dress like Sporty Spice. Worship me."

Sometimes it's just too easy to be a hater.

jay said...

I will most definitely be there for your late wedding reception/going away party/birthday party gala--thanks for the invite!

Alvin said...

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