Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The new Timbaland-produced single from Bjork (pronounced "Be-york" or "Ba-jork" if you're really cool) has been released in internet-land.

Take a LISTEN.

I really dig it, much more than her last couple of albums at least. I'm looking forward to hearing the full album.


the le duo said...

sounds great! i dont know or care much for timbaland, but that track is cool...I'm real psyched for this album, konono no1 is on it!

greg davis said...

im a little disappointed in the track.
i was hoping the konono stuff would be more prominent and burning distorto afro funk with phat timbaland beats. but its just a little wimpy sample of konono. and it all sounds a little loopy and tossed off by tim to me. (i heard they only worked together for a total of 4 hours) harkens back to earlier bjork which isnt a bad thing, but this new track doesnt really do it for me.

chris corsano is also playing drums on this one too, i think you can hear his freakouts at the end. wonder how the heck he got that gig.,.....

the le duo said...

is konono on that track alone or the album as a whole? also, chris corsano got the gig because he's awesome!

casey said...

Thanks for posting that, Jay. I'd been curious.

Thoughts: It must be hard to be Bjork — she's pretty much already done all the innovating she's gonna do. I like the fact that she's getting back to a fiskier vocal, with light growls and choice squeals a ala Sugarcubes. But I'm pretty tired of the "Cult of Timbaland."

Dude jacks other people's stuff and puts out a solo album with a ton of pukey guest artists. Sure, he helped keep hip-hop fun and occasionally inventive over the last decade, but what has he done lately other than service pop artists looking for a quick boost of "cred"?

And if I hadn't been told, I'd have no idea this even had Konono on it. I think a lot of people (including some visitors here) could spit out a track like this with minimal effort.

But who knows? I still like early Tricky, so whatever.

When's movie night?

jay said...

When's movie night?

I was wondering the same thing...any suggestions?