Wednesday, April 18, 2007


It seems that Spitting Out Teeth's readership is more up on their music than their cinema, because once again we only had a few entries for a movie-related trivia question. This week's winners are:

TOM - 15pts. + 5pts. bonus + 5pts. for first correct entry
GREG - 15pts. + 5pts. bonus
BILL - 15 pts.

For those who were stumped, here are the correct answers:

1) Performance
2) Mick Jagger
3) Nicolas Roeg & Donald Cammell

BONUS: Donald Cammell played Osiris in Anger's "Lucifer Rising" and Mick Jagger created the Moog soundtrack for "Invocation of my Demon Brother"

Congrats to our winners & thanks for playing-good luck for this Friday's music trivia question!


Bill Simmon said...

I think I should get 2.5 bonus points for getting half of the bonus question right. I'm just sayin'.

jay said...

Ok, that's fair--an extra 2.5 points awarded to Bill!