Sunday, April 22, 2007


Well, my vacation is done & the Red Sox are losing against the Yankees....but I'm still in a good mood. The rest of the lineup for the Pitchfork Music Festival has just been announced & it looks like some of my favorites will be performing.

Just added to the festival are:

* Deerhunter
* Fujiya & Miyagi
* Beach House
* Menomena
* Klaxons
* Oxford Collapse
* Dan Deacon
* Craig Taborn's Junk Magic

And as part of the "Don't Look Back" series, GZA will be performing his 1995 album "Liquid Swords" and Slint will be performing "Spiderland" in full.

Add to this the previously announced Sonic Youth (performing "Daydream Nation"), Cat Power, Grizzly Bear, Of Montreal, Iron and Wine, etc., this is shaping up to be a pretty damn good three days of music.


Andrew said...

Wow! Liquid Swords. That's some hot ish!

Boston losing is news to me. I thought they were winning.

jay said...

They were--then back to back home runs! Woo hoo!

But the Red Sox are just like pancakes--really exciting at the beginning, but by the end you're fucking sick of 'em.

It's not a good day if I can't rip off Mitch Hedberg at least once... :)