Saturday, April 07, 2007


Ok, I F'd up and forgot to post the new trivia question yesterday. So instead of answers being due by Sunday night, they'll now be due in by Monday at 5pm. As always, send them to

Here are the questions:

1) Name the musician pictured above.
2) Name three bands that he played with during his career.
3) Name two of his solo albums.

BONUS: This musician's body was "cremated" by a group of his corpse-robbing friends--name the National Monument where this ceremony was performed.

As always it's five points for each question correctly answered and five points for the first correct entry. Good luck everyone!


casey said...
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casey said...

Opps — I wasn't supposed to post the answers here! Fuck! Delete it, delete it!

I'm so sorry!

jay said...

LOL--I knew someone would do that eventually! No problem Casey; I deleted it. You get full points for correct answers though!